Welcome to Shop Earn with Life Tree World


I am working for a company called LIFETREEWORLD. I don’t know if you have heard about it, but it is basically a business that you set up after paying £35.00. This is the life time fee you pay to get started. You are now your own business owner.

After paying this – I was given my back office and it was full of useful information, as well a list of all the products I can purchase as part of my business.

How does it work?lifetree-world.com-51

You buy your shopping through them and collect 100 points in a month.

Products like Ketchup,teabags,dettol,cereal, binbags, perfume,toiletries etc. How cool is that. You get paid to shop items you would buy anyway.You then share the business with friends family and network to connect with other potential people interested in the business.

You all work together to build a team and then as you all grow and build a network you are then able to earn huge monies.

The good thing is that LIFETREEWORLD only expect you to buy up to 100 points a month and only take on three people in your lifeline. After that the idea is that,each member will grow their team and so on….Its brilliant.

I joined a few months ago and I have had access to some fab training videos, lots of information on networking and also brilliant mentors and team colleagues.

There is no bitchiness at Life tree world. I recently attended a training seminar and I watched as the CEO and Directors mingled with all staff and new potential recruits in a meeting room and there was no bureaucracy snobbiness. Having worked in corporate all my life, I have seen some real competitive personalities , but here at Life Tree World , everyone wants to help and get you on the road to earning huge.

The Commission Plan is totally WOW.

I mean where can you work in a business for 4 months and be earning £10.000 a month. That is what my Regional  leader Beth Robinson Life Tree World is on at the moment. All she did was , as I have told you above. She shopped, shared the business and that was it.

Check out her video’s here. 

Learn about lifetreeworld.

You can earn anything from £250,£750,£2000,£5000, or like Beth £10,000 a month.

Anyone can achieve these figures and they are being done at Life Tree World at the moment.

Kamran Abbasi is currently earning £25.000 month and it is achievable through hard work and sheer determination.

You do not need experience in network marketing or sales. If you shop at supermarkets , love chatting and meeting new friends then LIFE TREE WORLD is for you.

Send me a email to shop.earn.ltw@gmail.com today and lets get you enrolled onto the hugely successful LTW Business scheme.

We are currently looking for recruits nationwide who reside in the UK and are over 18 years of age.

Thank you for reading








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